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Download 17 Mies Van Der Rohe Sketchup 3D Models(*.skp file format).

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Mies Van Der Rohe Architecture Works:

Early career in Berlin (1907–1938)

1907 Riehl House – Residential Home, Potsdam, Germany

1911 Perl House – Residential Home, Zehlendorf

1913 Werner House – Residential Home, Zehlendorf

1917 Urbig House – Residential Home, Potsdam

1922 Kempner House – Residential Home, Charlottenburg

1922 Eichstaedt House – Residential Home, Wannsee

1922 Feldmann House – Residential Home, Wilmersdorf

1923 Ryder House - Residential Home, Wiesbaden

1925 Wolf House - Residential Home Guben

1926 Mosler House – Residential Home, Babelsberg

1926 Revolutionsdenkmal (de) - Monument dedicated to Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, Zentralfriedhof Friedrichsfelde, Berlin

1927 Afrikanische Straße Apartments – Multi-Family Residential, Berlin, Germany

1927 Weissenhof Estate – Housing Exhibition coordinated by Mies and with a contribution by him, Stuttgart

1928 Haus Lange and Haus Esters – Residential Home and an art museum, Krefeld

1929 Barcelona Pavilion – World's Fair Pavilion, Barcelona, Spain

1930 Villa Tugendhat – Residential Home, Brno, Czech Republic, designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2001

1930 Verseidag Factory –Dyeing and HE Silk Mill Building Krefeld, Germany[21]

1932 Lemke House – Residential Home, Weissensee

Buildings after emigration to the United States (1939–1960)

1939-1958 – Illinois Institute of Technology Campus Master Plan, Academic Campus & Buildings, Chicago, Illinois

1949 The Promontory Apartments – Residential Apartment Complex, Chicago, Illinois

1951 Sheridan-Oakdale Apartments (2933 N Sheridan Rd ) – Residential Apartment Complex, Chicago, Illinois

1951 Lake Shore Drive Apartments – Residential Apartment Towers, Chicago

1951 Algonquin Apartments – Residential Apartments, Chicago, Illinois

1951 Farnsworth House – Vacation Home, Plano, Illinois

1952 Arts Club of Chicago Interior Renovation – Art Gallery, demolished in 1997, Chicago, Illinois

1952 Robert H. McCormick House - Residential Home, relocated to the Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst, Illinois

1954 Cullinan Hall – Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

1956 Crown Hall, Illinois Institute of Technology College of Architecture– Academic Building, Chicago, Illinois[22]

1956 Esplanade Apartment Buildings (900-910 Lake Shore Dr) – Residential Apartment Complex, Chicago, Illinois

1957 Commonwealth Promenade Apartments (330- 330 W Diversey Parkway) – Residential Apartment Complex, Chicago (1957)[23]

1958 Seagram Building – Office Tower, New York City, New York

1958 Caroline Wiess Law Building, Museum of Fine Art, Houston

1959 Home Federal Savings and Loan Association Building– Office Building, Des Moines, Iowa

1959 Lafayette Park – Residential Development, Detroit, Michigan.[24]

1960 Pavilion and Colonnade Apartments– Residential complex, Newark, New Jersey

Late career Worldwide (1961–69)

1961 Bacardi Office Building – Office Building, Mexico City

1962 Highfield House Apartments – Office Building, Baltimore, Maryland

1962 Tourelle-Sur-Rive – Residential apartment complex of three towers, Nuns' Island, Montreal, Canada

1962 One Charles Center – Office Tower, Baltimore, Maryland

1963 2400 North Lakeview Apartments – Residential Apartment Complex, Chicago, Illinois

1963 Morris Greenwald House – Vacation Home, Weston, Connecticut

1964 Chicago Federal Center - Civic Complex, Chicago, Illinois

1960-64 Dirksen Federal Building – Office Tower, Chicago

Kluczynski Federal Building – Office Tower, Chicago

United States Post Office Loop Station – General Post Office, Chicago

1964 Highfield House Condominium, 4000 North Charles – Condominium Apartments, Baltimore, Maryland

1965 University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration – Academic Building Chicago, Illinois

1965 Richard King Mellon Hall – Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA

1965 Meredith Hall – School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Drake University, Des Moines, IA

1967 Westmount Square – Office & Residential Tower Complex, Westmount, Montreal, Canada

1968 Neue Nationalgalerie – Modern Art Museum, Berlin, Germany

1965-68 Brown Pavilion, Museum of Fine Art, Houston

1967-69 Toronto-Dominion Centre – Office Tower Complex, Toronto, Canada

1969 Filling station – Nuns' Island, Montreal, Canada (closed)

1970 One Illinois Center – Office Tower, Chicago, Illinois (completed post-mortem)

1972 Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library – District of Columbia Public Library, Washington, D.C. (completed post-mortem)

1973 American Life Building – Louisville, Kentucky (completed after Mies's death by Bruno Conterato)

1973 IBM Plaza – Office Tower, Chicago (completed post-mortem)

Buildings on the Illinois Institute of Technology Campus (1939–1958)

1943 Minerals & Metals Research Building – Research[22]

1945 Engineering Research Building – Research[22]

1946 Alumni Memorial Hall – Classroom[22]

1946 Wishnick Hall – Classroom[22]

1946 Perlstein Hall – Classroom[22]

1950 I.I.T. Boiler Plant – Academic[22]

1950 Institute of Gas Technology Building – Research[22]

1950 American Association of Railroads Administration Building (now the College of Music Building) – Administration[22]

1952 Mechanical Engineering Research Building I – Research[22]

1952 Carr Memorial Chapel – Religious[22]

1953 American Association of Railroads Mechanical Engineering Building – Research[22][22]

1953 Carman Hall at IIT – Dormitory[22]

1955 Cunningham Hall – Dormitory[22]

1955 Bailey Hall – Dormitory[22]

1955 I.I.T. Commons Building – Academicname="autogenerated2002"/>

1956 Crown Hall – Academic, College of Architecture[22]

1957 Physics & Electrical Engineering Research Building – Research[22]

1957 Siegel Hall – Classroom[22]

1953 American Association of Railroads Laboratory Building – Research[22]

1958 Metals Technology Building Extension – Research[22]

Included All the followings collections:

Download Sketchup Models(*.skp file format).

This Sketchup 3D models collection can be used in your 3D design software(Sketchup,Autocad,3D max,Revit).

Downloading 3D Sketchup Models to fuel your creative pursuits.Commercial Building SketchUp 3D models for download, files in skp with low poly, animated, rigged, game, and VR options.

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【17 Mies Van Der Rohe Sketchup 3D Models】(Recommanded!!)

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